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Money-Saving Tips You’ll Absolutely Love


NOTE: This is a guest post

“Save money and money will save you,” the saying goes, but for many people, the practice of saving money is easier said than done, no matter how hard they try.

With all the bills, grocery items, and other expenses to pay for, most of the time the only savings to speak of is what we have left, which would then be spent on the other things we forgot: a promised donation to charity, a replacement for a broken coffee maker, or perhaps a child’s school project.

There must be a way to save more money, you think, and indeed there is. Here we have not just one, but four of the easiest ways for you to save money and in turn, save yourself.

Credit Card Advantages

Public domain photo “Credit Card Illustration” by Melody Dobbs

Advantages of Credit Cards

Too often credit card companies are the ones who get money off of us and not the other way around. We have to be careful not to get too many credit cards, get the right credit cards, and pay our statement balance in full. So how can we play the credit card system to our advantage?

Choose the Right Credit Card

First, it’s a matter of choosing which credit cards are the best to take out. You can only use store credit cards in one place and don’t offer rewards outside of that store. You also run the risk of taking out too many store credit cards, which will hurt your credit. Choose two or three major credit cards that you can use worldwide.

Inexpensive Ways to Stay in Shape

Do we need expensive gym equipment or a gym membership to stay physically fit? No, there are many ways to stay in shape without spending a lot of money. Staying fit will also reduce medical bills and increase your energy.

Drink water

Water is cheap from the tap and it does the most to keep us healthy. Water cleanses our system and keeps our blood flowing. Drinking enough water prevents headaches and so many other health problems. Generally, you need to drink eight glasses of water a day or half the ounces of your bodyweight in pounds.

Inexpensive Mental Health Resources

Being a mom is overwhelming at times. We struggle to cope with all the emotional strain, maybe even a mental illness. We can create good habits to improve our mood and seek help without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many free and inexpensive resources. The first step is to educate yourself.


Take Care of Yourself


I need about nine hours of sleep a night to function. Other moms can function on seven hours. Seven to nine hours is the recommended amount of sleep for adults. Follow sleep hygiene to achieve a better night’s rest. That may include skipping naps, unless you are pregnant or have infants.


Find Affordable Babysitters and Daycare

We all love to spend our time with our children, but many of us work or need some time away. For this, we need daycare or a babysitter at an affordable price. How can we find affordable caretakers? You may need to be creative for some of your daycare needs.

Find a Support Group

Several years ago, I read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. (I don’t recommend this book.) The author moved to each place to find a job and a place to live on minimum wages. She went to every place without a community of support and, thus, “failed” to get by. From the many times I moved, I always found a support group with a local congregation of my church. I had friends and support within a few weeks of moving to a new place. What a blessing—but one I had to look for.

Curbing Addictions to Save Money

Many of us have our guilty pleasures to deal with stress as a parent. Some of us may overeat or escape too often in entertainment. For me, I like my sugar, books, and TV shows. These cost me extra money, so it would be a good idea for me to practice moderation more often.

So how can you and I curb our addictions and save money in the process?

Be Honest and Identify the Addiction

Be honest as you work to identify any addiction. An addiction is a compulsion to have or do something that is sometimes harmful or done in excess. Almost anything can become an addiction. You can recognize an addiction if it negatively impacts your relationships, finances, or mental and physical health. Ask family and friends to help you identify any addictions.

Inexpensive Entertainment

Sales reps come by my house several times a year and offer “great” cable and satellite TV deals. We tell them we’ve found better options for TV entertainment and movies. However, we do have to practice patience that we often won’t see the latest episode. But the cost difference makes it worth it.

First, we have an antenna so we get broadcast television for free. We only had to pay for an antenna we can use for years. We avoid watching broadcast TV most of the time because of commercials.

Freelance Work from Home

freelance work

For a while I made quilts from home and sold them. I barely broke even making quilts—even using old jeans and sheets. I spent hours making quilts and I couldn’t guarantee that I would make any money off of them. I didn’t make grand quilts, but the amount of hours I put into it weren’t worth it.

This year I started doing freelance work from home. I’ve found more advantages to doing freelance work. I also have learned some from my mistakes through this process.

Smiling Amid Screams: the Case for Being Cool, Calm, and Collected for a Happier and Debt-Free Life

Financial Freedom

Due to the epiphany that I had last week while at a McDonald’s drive-thru, let’s examine how our kids contribute to unnecessary debt. I say unnecessary because I am not talking about the debt incurred while meeting their needs such as food, clothing or shelter. Rather, the kind acquired for those trivial things; those little luxuries that seem to creep up with greater frequency than any of us would care to admit.

In my case, it showed up as the choice between two ice cream flavors. As we inched through that snake of a line, I mentally patted myself on the back, thinking, oh what a good mother am I. Here I was about to order that tasty little treat that I had exact change for; seventy-five cents to be precise. What could go wrong? Apparently, the call of chocolate so what happened next was painful. A full-throttle melt-down the size of special-order jeans.

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