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Teaching Children about Money

teaching kids about money

As moms, we want to instill lifelong lessons about managing money into our children’s brains. Children gain self-confidence as they learn to manage their own money.

Set an Example

Children learn the most through osmosis. They observe and mimic adults from an early age. So how you spend or save money matters from the beginning. I want my children to follow my positive example, but not my negative example. If you need to improve, like me, you can begin now. We can show restraint and buy only what we can afford and set aside savings. Or work on getting out of debt.

Jamberry Nails

jamberry nails

Jamberry Nails is such an amazing opportunity offering remarkable training and support for whatever you want your journey to be with this company. In this job, I am able to earn an income while having amazing nails! It is so refreshing to be a part of a direct sales company that doesn’t have a consultant on every street corner. I am a military spouse with a full time job and two little boys. I never wanted to EVER have anything to do with direct sales, but I loved the product so much I decided to join for the discount. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to see what it was about…and MAN, am I glad I did! Once I received my kit and started wearing the nails all of the time, the interest was so high that booking parties (both online and in home) was easy. The business took off immediately and snowballed more than I could have ever imagined. I have been promoted four times in five months just wearing these amazing nails around town and posting pictures online as well as sharing this awesome opportunity with those that show an interest like I did. People on my team promote very easy; helping them succeed gives me a great sense of pride in their ability pay an extra couple bills or save for a fun family vacation!

Don’t Go over that Rock!

thinking cap

So, I do stupid things all the time and sometimes they can cost a lot of money. I feel so chagrined and I want to hide out for a few days. My husband is telling me that life happens. It does. I suppose I can only learn from my mistakes.

My kids and I were coming home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house early, so I decided we needed to do some more outdoor activities. My son had asked about climbing a hill several times when we’ve passed it going to and from my parents’ home.

Build Your Credit Score

raise credit score

Building your credit score can help save money on loans, lower deposits, and help you get a job or a place to live. However, you need to build your credit in a certain way without taking too many credit cards or loans. So how can you build a better credit score?

$500 Paypal Giveaway

free money

For our next giveaway, we teamed up with several other businesses so we can offer one lucky winner $500 sent to them via paypal!

Pink Papaya

why join pink papaya

Hello, I am Vanessa and I have been a consultant with Pink Papaya since February 20th, 2014. I am a Full Time mother of a 6 year old boy. I am also a Part Time Police Officer here in Illinois. In 2002 I became the first female officer with my department and when I had my son, I decided that he would be my full time focus. I resigned my full time position and was rehired as a part time Police officer. In 2013 my husband retired from his job and we were limbo. I started Direct Sales with a different company in August 2013 and found Pink Papaya on a Facebook Promoting Page. I was intrigued by the name and had to find out more. While researching and testing products I fell in love and signed up the same week I got my samples.