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Smiling Amid Screams: the Case for Being Cool, Calm, and Collected for a Happier and Debt-Free Life

Financial Freedom

Due to the epiphany that I had last week while at a McDonald’s drive-thru, let’s examine how our kids contribute to unnecessary debt. I say unnecessary because I am not talking about the debt incurred while meeting their needs such as food, clothing or shelter. Rather, the kind acquired for those trivial things; those little luxuries that seem to creep up with greater frequency than any of us would care to admit.

In my case, it showed up as the choice between two ice cream flavors. As we inched through that snake of a line, I mentally patted myself on the back, thinking, oh what a good mother am I. Here I was about to order that tasty little treat that I had exact change for; seventy-five cents to be precise. What could go wrong? Apparently, the call of chocolate so what happened next was painful. A full-throttle melt-down the size of special-order jeans.

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