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family picHello! I’m Rebekah. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Mark who helps write some of the posts on my blog. We have two beautiful girls, Analise who is 3 years old and Anadele who is 1 year old. Anyone who is a parent (or really anyone I guess) knows that daily life can be very expensive! I just want to share with everyone some of the tips I have found to save money. Growing babies and children can cost way more then some realize!

I’m a stay at home mother and decided to start this blog to share some of the tips that I’ve come across to help save other’s a little bit of money. I’ve also got some other tips on how to earn a little bit of extra money. I have my own in home business that has grown beyond what I ever thought it could be! One part is selling beautiful diaper cakes on my website Reba’s Diaper Cakes. I have earned so much from my little side business and it just keeps growing! Now I have added many things to the list of what I sell and make. I make skirts, super hero capes, hair things, chalk board mats and so much more! The list keeps growing.

I’m hoping to really grow this blog so I’ll be having lots of giveaways on it, but the only way to win is to subscribe to the blog. You can do this on any page by simply entering your email address where it says “Subscribe to Mommy’s Money Saving Tips via Email”. I’ll never share or sell your email address and will not spam you. I hate spam just as much as you do!

I value your feedback very much. If you have any suggestions or comments for me feel free to let me know via the contact me page

I do receive a commission on some of the links throughout my blog. You don’t have to sign up for anything through these links, but I’m grateful when you do. The commission I receive is what supports this blog and is what keeps the tips coming!

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