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Freelance Work from Home

freelance work

For a while I made quilts from home and sold them. I barely broke even making quilts—even using old jeans and sheets. I spent hours making quilts and I couldn’t guarantee that I would make any money off of them. I didn’t make grand quilts, but the amount of hours I put into it weren’t worth it.

This year I started doing freelance work from home. I’ve found more advantages to doing freelance work. I also have learned some from my mistakes through this process.

Renting Property

house for rent

Renting property can be an extra income, or debt, or just cover the mortgage on the property you can’t sell.

My husband and I rent a single home residence, so we’ve learned a few things about renting property. First, follow the golden rule. Tenants are real people and need to be treated as such. Now to answer some basic questions.

Sleep Makes You More Productive


I went to bed after 11:00 pm again last night and my head aches and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I want to make cherry jam, write articles, and spend more quality time with my kids, but my body won’t cooperate. So was it worth it to read a novel last night? Of course it was!

My productivity decreased today and it has cost me money. I could’ve made cherry jam, which is more expensive than grape jelly. I could have written more and earned a few extra dollars. I wouldn’t have spent money on painkillers. I could have read my novel during daylight without turning on lights. The list could go on.

Hosting a Yard Sale

yard sale

One way to earn a little money is to host a yard sale. You can look through your own things and also ask others if they want to join you or donate their things. Follow these steps and you will have a successful yard sale.

Saving Money With Store Loyalty Programs

While shopping is about spending, it can also be a chance to put something back into the budget. For instance, if the budget for food items in particular shopping list is $200, $5 minimum can easily be cut out. Start off with small goals and build upon them. Shopping for moms is such an ideal chance for saving some money and putting it back into the general welfare of the family. This is just one of many ways that stay at home moms can help contribute to the family budget!

How To Be Industrious As A Stay At Home Mom

Staying at home and just babysitting or mothering could just be all there is for a stay at home mom but that is not all that it has to be. There are plenty of activities that are industrious enough that a stay at home mom can engage in AND make money. Nowadays there is plenty of information on the internet where you get information on how to craft a skill. Some hands-on skills can be self-taught at home. Some of these skills include baking and confectionery making, fabric making, artwork, simple designs, creative writing and many others. Most of these skills require materials that are readily available at home and therefore as a stay at home mom you just need the desire and the drive. We can look at some of these skills and how you can make yourself industrious as a stay at home mom.

Online Money Making Platforms For Moms

It is possible for Moms even from the comfort of their home to make some money while still juggling everyday motherhood. Perhaps the best and the most efficient way to make money as a mom is through the internet. In general, internet access can readily be available and the internet can be a tool for a great deal of productivity. It is also good to note in this day and age a lot things have become automated and employ digital platforms. Therefore the internet has numerous platforms in which, as a stay at home mom, you can make money.

Earning Extra Money Doing Surveys With Cash Crate


As a stay at home mom you have probably often wondered what you can do to bring in a little extra cash for the family. The reality is that it can be fairly easy to make money online. The problem is that most people aren’t willing to devote the time required to make money, they are just looking for to get a nice chunk of cash with little time or effort. If that’s what you’re looking for then you are the prime target for all the work at home scammers out there that are preying on you!