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Diva Shop is a business designed specifically for Men, Women and children to get your DIVA on! Whether you are already a DIVA or not, we have the items to keep your DIVA on track! Every piece we offer is carefully looked at to make sure we present the best quality products you can get at an affordable price!   Like or Love our products?! Grab them while they are available!! Items sell out very quick!   All prices include taxes.


Diva Shop has consultant opportunities starting at $15.00.   This includes your e-commerce online store.  No monthly fees or sales quotas.   As a consultant, you earn 20% commission on all of your sales from your personalized online store.  


I’ve had a very successful career with Diva Shop, we have a corporate training page, back office, and quick responses from the corporate office should we need assistance.   This is a great opportunity for moms who want to work at home, spend time with their children, and sell products that just about sell themselves at reasonable prices.     


Check out my store, save it to your favorites, and keep me in mind for Christmas shopping, birthdays, or “just because” gifts.     There is something for everyone.  


Debbie Kozik

Sales Consultant for Diva Shop



Debbie Kozik

I'm a consultant for Diva Shop. You can check out my website or email me with any questions you may have!

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