Don’t Go over that Rock!

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So, I do stupid things all the time and sometimes they can cost a lot of money. I feel so chagrined and I want to hide out for a few days. My husband is telling me that life happens. It does. I suppose I can only learn from my mistakes.

My kids and I were coming home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house early, so I decided we needed to do some more outdoor activities. My son had asked about climbing a hill several times when we’ve passed it going to and from my parents’ home.

So I drove my front-wheel drive minivan over some rutted dirt roads to get to the bottom of the hill. Under the hot desert sun, two of my young sons ran up the hill while I lagged behind carrying my baby. I made it halfway up and my two oldest ran to the top of the hill.

When we returned to the car, I decided to see if we could make it to Utah Lake on the dirt roads. After all, the lake was only a half-mile away. I followed a gravel road, which was pretty smooth, but it ended on private property. So I decided to take one of the four-wheeling dirt roads.

I came across a dry ditch so I went another way. My brain, my instinct was telling me I should turn back while I still could. I stared at a rock jutting out of the road and knew that could be a problem. I made a split second decision—I went over the rock.

No, actually, I got stuck on the rock. I high-centered my minivan with three boys strapped in the back seats. We were only stuck in the desert heat of 87 degrees. I tried going forward and backward. Then I put the car in neutral and attempted to push it backward. Nothing was working.

I sprayed sunscreen on my boys, grabbed a few water bottles, a couple apples, and a stroller. I told my sons that we wouldn’t be going to the lake. My oldest complained.

We walked over the rugged dirt road to the smoother gravel road. Miraculously, some people were there. Two of the men went over to my minivan and later a third and fourth man went over there too. A lady shared some juice with my kids and let them sit in her car. My baby overheated so we fed him lots of juice and put a cool rag on his head. He recovered after two cups of juice.

I called my husband, something I didn’t want to do. I had to hike up to the highway and figure out what mile marker I was at so my husband could find me.

After that, I called roadside assistance, but by the time I was finished talking with them, the four men had driven my van back and my husband had arrived. Luckily, the van still drove. My husband and the other men looked at the bottom of the car and saw the oil pan was completely dented in.

Later, the mechanic said it looked like the oil pan and possibly the oil pump might be ruined. An hour later, the mechanic called and said the oil pump was fine, the more expensive part. I think angels must’ve been holding up the minivan so the oil pump wouldn’t get ruined.

My sons and I were okay and our minivan had little damage, but only through the grace of God and the help of strangers.

So learn from my mistake. Don’t go four-wheeling in a wimpy minivan. It’ll cost money to fix.

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

I'm a crazy redhead. I have three hyperactive boys and a wonderful husband. I earned my BA in English Language from BYU. I grew up in Southeastern Utah in the middle of nowhere. I now reside by a big lake in Utah.
Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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