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freelance work

For a while I made quilts from home and sold them. I barely broke even making quilts—even using old jeans and sheets. I spent hours making quilts and I couldn’t guarantee that I would make any money off of them. I didn’t make grand quilts, but the amount of hours I put into it weren’t worth it.

This year I started doing freelance work from home. I’ve found more advantages to doing freelance work. I also have learned some from my mistakes through this process.

Looking for work

I’ve found jobs on oDesk and craigslist. Local classifieds also list freelance jobs. Do a search for different freelance websites or at company websites. Look up reviews too. Some places will charge you unnecessary fees. I haven’t had to pay any fees through any websites. They usually charge the employer a fee. Some sites don’t charge either person fees, but rely on advertising.

Websites often have good and bad jobs listed. You can refine your search on them. There are some specialty freelance websites for certain jobs. Look around.

Types of freelance work

There are so many types of freelance work. Some work doesn’t require extensive experience or education. Some does require more expertise.

The types of freelance work include data entry, secretarial, accounting, writing, marketing, customer service, artwork, web design, software development, and so on. There are so many options that I couldn’t possibly list them all.

Don’t expect to get rich quick

I probably sell myself short sometimes, but you don’t always make as much doing freelance work. Sometimes you do. However, don’t sell yourself short either. Charge a fair price for what your expertise level is and what you need to earn for a living. I have found that I don’t make minimum wage writing, but I’m okay with that. I only write for extra cash so I can take some low-price jobs that interest me. Sometimes a job will build your resume.

Do charge what you’re worth! You worked to achieve where you are at.

Be flexible

As a stay-at-home mom, I have to be very flexible with my schedule. I only take fixed-price jobs and not hourly jobs because my kids and housework interrupt my work. However, my kids come first. If I were doing this to support my family, I would approach this differently. I would work early mornings while my kids are sleeping or give them strict instructions to let mommy work. I like the frequent breaks since it fits my personality more.

Set realistic expectations

I’ve found that I overpromise on what I can do. I overestimate what I can do with my time. I’ve had to work less at times due to family emergencies and vacations. So I’ve tried to not get upset if life happens. I take jobs that have a longer time limit to finish them. As you do freelance work, you’ll find your own balance of how fast or slow you can go.

Build your resume

Every freelance job helps build your resume. I’ve found that I improve with writing as I’ve done more of it. Each job builds upon the next job. I enjoy honing my craft through this process. My confidence has risen too.

Play to your strengths

At first, I kept applying for editing and proofreading jobs, but I wasn’t getting any bites. I was hired for writing articles and short stories. That’s my strength, so I’ve stopped beating my head against the wall over it.

Hopefully, this helps you on your freelance journey. Good luck!

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

I'm a crazy redhead. I have three hyperactive boys and a wonderful husband. I earned my BA in English Language from BYU. I grew up in Southeastern Utah in the middle of nowhere. I now reside by a big lake in Utah.
Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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