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You walk into the store, and there it is! That new 55′ wide screen tv you’ve been wanting to upgrade to! And it’s on sale! You can so totally afford this. I mean, you may have to cut back on some things, but you HAVE to have this TV! Plus, if I act now I only have to pay $49 per month for the next 48 months!

In a single moment we can justify buying things whether it be a large expensive TV or a cute pair of shoes that we really don’t need. Whenever you find yourself at this crossroad you should always give it the ol’ 24 hours of thinking on it before making big purchases.

More times than not it’s not really something you need and it’s just going to make your financial life even more hectic than it already is. If you have an initial gut feeling, questioning whether you should or shouldn’t, then you probably shouldn’t. That little battle we have in our minds is a warning sign that is trying to tell us, “Hey, you don’t need this! You can’t afford this! You won’t use this more then a couple times before getting bored with it!” But see, we as humans seem to like to argue (even with ourselves apparently) and we try to argue with that little warning voice and usually… We win…Even small purchases we should be asking ourselves some basic questions to help us save money and not waste it on non-essentials that though they seem to be small in price can add up quick!

Before making an impulse purchase, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Is this a want or a need?

  2. For me this is a hard one since I have my two adorable daughters. I always want to get them things!! BUT truth be told they have basically EVERYTHING that they need. So when I see something and I am tempted to buy it for them I just have to ask myself if it’s something they actually NEED or is it something I just want to spoil them with? (spoiling on occasion is awesome though!) If I have an initial doubt about whether I should or shouldn’t buy it then it’s on to number 2.

  3. Are you going to really use it?

  4. I remember growing up and my dad was a major impulse buyer at times. Once he came home with this box like device that sat on the floor, to suck up the dirt and dust that you swept up from the floor. Cuz using a dust pan is soooo hard? Anyways, it seemed REALLY cool when he first brought it home BUT, let’s be honest… It was used about 5 times… And then it just sat there, on the floor, in the way… And this super, ultra cool device turned into a super, ultra annoyance. Eventually, if memory serves me right, it was thrown out.

So, PLEASE, ask yourself these two questions, Is this a want or a need? And am I really going to use it?

You may also be interested in reading an excellent article written by Eileen Davis titled Need vs Want



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  1. Justin says:

    Jeez I wish someone had given be that 24 hour tip years ago: I’d be richer now, I can tell you that.

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