Hosting a Yard Sale

yard sale

One way to earn a little money is to host a yard sale. You can look through your own things and also ask others if they want to join you or donate their things. Follow these steps and you will have a successful yard sale.


  1. Sort through your items and determine what you need and don’t need. If you haven’t used an item within the last year, you probably don’t need it. You can also sell certain broken items that can easily be fixed.
  2. Ask others if they would like to sell some of their items at your yard sale. Multi-family yard sales attract more people.
  3. Find out what your local laws are regarding yard sales. Many cities have certain requirements about signs, permits, etc. Sometimes you can choose another location with fewer restrictions.
  4. Determine a good day and hours. Check the weather forecast beforehand. Also make sure it’s a good time when many people will be out. Starting your yard sale even as early 7 am will draw the early birds.
  5. Price your items. A common mistake is to overprice your items. Your items should cost less than what a thrift store would sell them for. For almost new items, you should still charge less. You only have a certain number of hours to sell the item, so price it to sell that way. The point is to earn a little money, not hold onto your junk.
  6. Announce your yard sale online. You can list it on Craigslist, Facebook, and local classifieds. One lady came to my yard sale because she saw I was selling my Harry Potter series on a local classified ad. You want to list popular and big ticket items first and group other items, such as 2T-5T boys’ clothes. List prices too.
  7. Make signs with the address and hours on it. The signs should be big enough someone driving by can read them. Arrows are helpful too. If you have a highly desired item, you can advertise that too. I advertised Star Wars watches on my signs and people came to specifically buy those.
  8. Get change to use at the yard sale, some tens, fives, and ones. If you are selling anything for less than a dollar, get some coins too.
  9. Put up your signs and set up your yard sale. You want to make your items easily visible to cars driving past. Put similar items in the same place. Arrange items with space around them so people have enough room to avoid bumping into each other. Put as much as you can on tables where people don’t have to bend to reach items. Hang up clothes, if you can. Otherwise, you can lay them on a table or a tarp.
  10. During the yard sale, be willing to bargain, but keep a certain amount in mind so you don’t go below it. If it’s near the end of the yard sale, be willing to accept less. Otherwise, you’ll make nothing off the item. Something is better than nothing.

Whatever is left over you can donate or advertise a free sale. You can post it on Hopefully, these tips will help you have a smoother and more successful yard sale. Good luck!

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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  1. Justin says:

    Great tips! I just had a yard sale with a bunch of my neighbors and I can definitely testify to that being a great way to draw in people!

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