How To Be Industrious As A Stay At Home Mom

Staying at home and just babysitting or mothering could just be all there is for a stay at home mom but that is not all that it has to be. There are plenty of activities that are industrious enough that a stay at home mom can engage in AND make money. Nowadays there is plenty of information on the internet where you get information on how to craft a skill. Some hands-on skills can be self-taught at home. Some of these skills include baking and confectionery making, fabric making, artwork, simple designs, creative writing and many others. Most of these skills require materials that are readily available at home and therefore as a stay at home mom you just need the desire and the drive. We can look at some of these skills and how you can make yourself industrious as a stay at home mom.

While a lot of homes would know how to bake their own stuff or make confectionary as they like, most of them have hardly the time. Consider a home where there is hardly no one at home during prime hours of the day, such a family can only buy most of the things they eat at retail stores. As a stay home mom you can easily learn how to bake different kinds of cakes and make confectionery. The good thing is that you can sell them through word of mouth through your neighborhood. With such an opportunity you can easily grow to supplying the local retailer. You can also make simple fabrics and clothing items for kids, for example things like baby feeder, shawls just to name a few. With these kind of fabrics you can even sell them to other moms or moms to be.

Surely there are no limits to what you can do from home. As a stay at home mom you can make simple artwork and designs. For instance you don’t have to be an actual artist but you can look around your home and see what impression you would like to have. From that knowledge you can make simple artwork and designs that can stand out as interior decorations. Your artwork can range from floral arrangements to mosaic arts to whatever you have with you as art is unlimited. With this kind of artwork you know you can try and sell them online or just within your locality. Simply as a stay at home mom you are fortunate to have enough time which you can easily exploit and be creative. The day to day challenges that comes with homes you can find solutions to them and make some money too.



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  1. Justin says:

    I know my own mother made some good extra money from knitting and selling scarves even while looking after all of my siblings and I. It is surprising how far you can go making little crafts like that!

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