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With the development of the internet and smart phones, a lot of shopping can be dealt with online, bringing people convenience. Moreover, traditional coupons are also released online to help people save money. There are money-saving apps that are easily available by simply downloading them on your smart phone. Among these money-saving apps, Ibotta is one of the popular ways to offer deals for various products.

Ibotta is a free mobile app for coupon and cashback shopping that can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad and Android phones. The user can select the deals in the app first, purchase the corresponding products at grocery stores, (including Walmart and Target) and finally scan the receipt and submit. In this way, the Ibotta app will credit money to you account and then it can be transferred to your Paypal account which can then be transferred to your bank account.

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Like most apps, Ibotta often updates its coupons as the coupons vary from week to week, therefore it is necessary to know the latest coupons which will help you earn more cash back. In addition to the regular deals, specific stores also offer bonuses if corresponding goals are completed. For instance, you can save fixed money within a month or complete various tasks including sharing the information on social media, taking a quick poll or survey, writing comments about the products, watching a relevant video or doing a small quiz. The user can browse the “Store Extras” to see the specific coupon, bonus or tasks at different grocery stores. Ibotta can also tell when you’re near a store where their is a deal and will notify you if you are close by.

The small tasks can accumulate coupons to buy products or to earn a little cash back. Some may seem like tedious tasks, but it doesn’t take much time to complete and utilizing Ibotta with other sales or coupons can really take a big bite out of your monthly grocery bill.



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