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Sales reps come by my house several times a year and offer “great” cable and satellite TV deals. We tell them we’ve found better options for TV entertainment and movies. However, we do have to practice patience that we often won’t see the latest episode. But the cost difference makes it worth it.

First, we have an antenna so we get broadcast television for free. We only had to pay for an antenna we can use for years. We avoid watching broadcast TV most of the time because of commercials.

Next, we pay for the Netflix streaming service. It’s currently $8.99 per month and they offer millions of programs. You can find other streaming services too. It may not always be the most current season, but it’s much cheaper than cable. The other cost is having the internet, but so many of us use the internet for other reasons anyway. Some cable and satellite sales reps say that you can DVR and fast forward through the commercials, but why bother with commercials at all? They also offer streaming services on shows and movies immediately, but you still have to pay the insane amount for cable or satellite each month.

If you’re worried about what your kids might be watching, you can set parental controls on Netflix and other services. The controls aren’t perfect, but it helps a great deal. You also know your kids won’t be exposed to questionable commercials on regular TV.

My husband and I opted out of the Netflix DVD service because we weren’t using it often enough. Redbox is cheaper for us to watch new releases. We still buy some DVDs, which may be worth it if you watch them repeatedly. Netflix is worthwhile if you prefer to have it mailed to you.

We usually wait until a movie is available to rent instead of going to the theater. You consider that you are saving probably about $8 a person by waiting several months.

The easiest place to find entertainment is on the internet. You can go to TV station websites, YouTube, or other websites. Some TV stations broadcast live over the internet; others offer full episodes. Sometimes you can watch the latest episode on the internet before it’s offered on a streaming service. If you are looking for a specific show, you can just google it to find specific websites.

Music services are available for free or cheaply: the radio for one. Spotify is another a great service because you can make your own song lists or choose an entire album. You can listen for free along with a few commercials, but fewer than the radio. You can pay a small amount each month to listen without commercials on Spotify.

There are so many options to find free or inexpensive entertainment. You don’t need to spend so much money on cable, going to the theater for every movie, or buying music. You can also usually enjoy the entertainment with fewer or no commercials. I like that!

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

I'm a crazy redhead. I have three hyperactive boys and a wonderful husband. I earned my BA in English Language from BYU. I grew up in Southeastern Utah in the middle of nowhere. I now reside by a big lake in Utah.
Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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