Inexpensive Mental Health Resources

Being a mom is overwhelming at times. We struggle to cope with all the emotional strain, maybe even a mental illness. We can create good habits to improve our mood and seek help without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many free and inexpensive resources. The first step is to educate yourself.


Take Care of Yourself


I need about nine hours of sleep a night to function. Other moms can function on seven hours. Seven to nine hours is the recommended amount of sleep for adults. Follow sleep hygiene to achieve a better night’s rest. That may include skipping naps, unless you are pregnant or have infants.


My psychiatrist said that exercise is like a magic pill. It releases endorphins that elevates your mood. You have increased energy and stamina and sleep better. You can reap the benefits no matter the intensity of exercise.


Eat good foods to get enough nutrients and calories. If you are hungry, you’ll be more upset. If you eat too much, you’ll feel lethargic. Healthy food fuels an active mind and an active lifestyle. After all, we are chasing toddlers or teenagers.


Spirituality is another aspect to taking care of yourself. Your spirituality may be organized religion or another method. Spirituality and goodness lends purpose to the mundane. We can find comfort through meditation, prayer, or connecting with others.


Individual and Group Therapy


There are ways to access therapy for free or less than it may normally cost. If you have insurance, go to a licensed therapist under your plan. There are still resources available without insurance. Some therapists offer discounts when you pay upfront, or will set up a payment plan. Some churches and charity organizations offer free counseling or financial assistance.


There are many free groups that meet on a monthly or weekly basis. Some ask for donations, but donations aren’t required to attend. These offer support and methods to manage stress and mental illness. (You don’t have to be diagnosed to attend.) Beware of some groups that may drag you down emotionally.


I’ve attended Recovery International based on Abraham Low’s cognitive behavioral therapy. The Recovery method has helped me reduce my anxiety. There are groups available online and at locations around the world. Another group includes NAMI. Sometimes you can find more specific groups for your particular diagnosis. Ask around or search online for groups in your area or online.


Sometimes a friend, family member or clergy can serve as an unofficial counselor. They aren’t professionals, but a listening ear can help if that’s all you can afford.


See a Psychiatrist


If you cannot function normally, seek a diagnosis from a psychiatrist first. Psychiatrists are the experts to diagnose and prescribe medications for mental illness. The wait and cost of going to an expert is worth it. It saves you money in the long run, but go to a regular doctor in a pinch.




If you can, ask your doctor to choose generic medications. Some medication only costs $4 for a month prescription. Many pharmaceutical companies also offer prescription assistance programs. Look up the specific company online to apply.


Financial Assistance


If you have trouble paying for medicine and medical visits, seek financial assistance. There’s nothing wrong with getting financial help when you really need it. The government offers medical assistance or try your church and other charities. Friends, family, and even strangers may pitch in to help you receive the medical care you need.


Now you have more knowledge to help you manage stress and maintain your mental health. Any cost you put in, you will reap the benefits by being more productive and able to cope with family, friends, and coworkers.


Sleep hygiene


Group therapy

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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Eileen Davis (Guest Blogger)

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