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Jamberry Nails is such an amazing opportunity offering remarkable training and support for whatever you want your journey to be with this company. In this job, I am able to earn an income while having amazing nails! It is so refreshing to be a part of a direct sales company that doesn’t have a consultant on every street corner. I am a military spouse with a full time job and two little boys. I never wanted to EVER have anything to do with direct sales, but I loved the product so much I decided to join for the discount. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to see what it was about…and MAN, am I glad I did! Once I received my kit and started wearing the nails all of the time, the interest was so high that booking parties (both online and in home) was easy. The business took off immediately and snowballed more than I could have ever imagined. I have been promoted four times in five months just wearing these amazing nails around town and posting pictures online as well as sharing this awesome opportunity with those that show an interest like I did. People on my team promote very easy; helping them succeed gives me a great sense of pride in their ability pay an extra couple bills or save for a fun family vacation!

The compensation plan this company offers is at the top in direct sales companies, with the ability to earn income in 5 ways. You earn 30% of all of your sales from day one and they are paid to you weekly, so you could start on Monday, sell on Tuesday and receive your first paycheck on Friday! In addition, at various sales levels, you earn an extra percentage of sales up to 12% more on top of your 30%. Along with the generous compensation plan, the girl time to meet and party with fun women and the unbelievable tax write offs round out the top three reasons I love being on this journey and these reasons also resonate with so many women. Sharing this opportunity with others is what I love because this isn’t like other companies. Jamberry is changing lives in a profound and REAL way through added income as well as personal accomplishments through promotions and pride in building a successful business with the support of this generous company! What would it mean to you to have an extra $1000 a month? How about an extra $1000 a week? What bill can Jamberry help eliminate from your monthly list? As a ground floor company, the time has never been better than right now to start your journey with Jamberry. It only costs $99 to purchase your consultant kit, which includes $99 worth of products PLUS everything you need to begin marketing and selling such as catalogs, brochures, samples to hand out, order forms, post cards and more. Just wearing this product around town running errands generates interest and business. No one has ever asked to see my spices in my kitchen or my candle holder sitting in my house, but EVERYONE asks to see my nails! Success can be whatever you want it to be with Jamberry Nails whether as a hobbyist for the amazing discount or a consultant; start today and begin your journey. Don’t regret the decision to not start right away – make it happen while this is still such a young company. Sign up, wear your nails, book parties and watch the income start rolling in! I never would have believed it was that easy unless I did it myself! You can do this and I will be with you every step of the way. Contact me today to discuss how Jamberry Nails can be an income for you by next week!

Dawn Wellein

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Dawn Wellein

I am an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. I've had lots of success as a consultant and am looking to help others become successful as well!

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  1. Justin says:

    I’ve heard some mixed results from direct sales, but this opportunity sounds like it really blows the others out of the water! Sounds like a great company to work for.

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