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“Save money and money will save you,” the saying goes, but for many people, the practice of saving money is easier said than done, no matter how hard they try.

With all the bills, grocery items, and other expenses to pay for, most of the time the only savings to speak of is what we have left, which would then be spent on the other things we forgot: a promised donation to charity, a replacement for a broken coffee maker, or perhaps a child’s school project.

There must be a way to save more money, you think, and indeed there is. Here we have not just one, but four of the easiest ways for you to save money and in turn, save yourself.


Plan your meals.

Food is a recurring expense for all households, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Taking time to plan and prepare your meals for the week instead of resorting to deliveries and takeaways can definitely save you money. Coming up with a meal plan gives you control over what you eat, so not only do you save money, you save calories as well.

Think about it: if there’s always ready-to-eat food in the fridge, you won’t have to spend on food delivery that can cost up to three times as much, excluding tips for the delivery guy. Taking packed lunches to work instead of queuing up somewhere also keeps you (and your wallet) full and healthy.

Get discounts from coupons.

One of the best and easiest ways to save money is by getting discounts for items you usually buy. Why pay the full amount when you can use coupons and voucher codes to buy items at half the price? You can get coupons from magazines and newsletters that supermarkets, retailers and other stores give out for free, and there are even tons of printable coupons online. A good place to start is Total Discounts which has loads of great deals for you to get your hands on. Couponing might not make you a millionaire, but rest assured the savings will add up as you go along.

Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Going shopping without a list could spell disaster for your wallet because you’ll be sure to end up with plenty of unplanned purchases. This is why it’s important to make a list of things you need to buy before heading out, so whether you’re shopping for food, supplies for your home office, or toiletries and other basic necessities, you have something to help keep your purchases in check. Stick to the list, and your discipline will be rewarded.



Clean out and declutter.

Almost all homes have at least one: that one closet or storage room you only open to stash all kinds of things in, where all the old, broken, and rarely used are kept until such a time comes when you’ll find a use for them again. That time is now. Go through your stuff and what you discover may just surprise you – you might find an unused shower curtain, or even that other coffee maker that someone gave you on your wedding day.

Cleaning out your stuff can help you take note of the things you already have and avoid having to spend on buying something new. Some items in your must-buy list could just be hidden away in that closet, waiting to be found. And if you have a lot of things that you no longer use, remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. By selling these items off, you can turn your old and unwanted stuff into cash that you can add to your savings.

These are just some of the things you can do to cut back on your expenses and save money. Remember that growing your savings isn’t about not spending, but spending wisely. Happy saving!



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