Build Your Credit Score

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Sleep Makes You More Productive

I went to bed after 11:00 pm again last night and my head aches and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I want to make cherry jam, write articles, and spend More »

School Loans: Invest in Education

My husband and I partially invested in our education with student loans. We only took out loans for necessary items. Because of this, we have doubled our earning potential. Here are some More »

Earning Extra Money Doing Surveys With Cash Crate

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Saving Money With Ibotta

With the development of the internet and smart phones, a lot of shopping can be dealt with online, bringing people convenience. Moreover, traditional coupons are also released online to help people save More »


Getting into the Right Frame of Mind When it Comes to Debt


I almost had to reach out for my headache medicine after deciding to write about debt, a dreaded four letter word that rears its ugly head at us on a monthly basis everywhere we go.

Thankfully, credit card companies are still sticking to technological methods like mail, text, email, and credit scores. No need to fully freak out yet. They still haven’t made their way into nature, for instance (if you are debt collector kindly stop reading now). Since those on top haven’t figured out how to manipulate the clouds or legally be able to make embedded cut outs on our lawns you can go ahead and put your headache medicine back like I did as you continue reading.

School Loans: Invest in Education

college savings

My husband and I partially invested in our education with student loans. We only took out loans for necessary items. Because of this, we have doubled our earning potential. Here are some things we did or wished we would have done:

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A Love Affair with Target!

How to Save Money at Target

I think I have become somewhat (ok a lot) obsessed with Target deals, coupons, and stacking all those things with manufacturers coupons. Target provides you with amazing deals (for exaple) to buy 3 Tide Detergents get a $10 gift card back. You can also use your coupons with this! So say the Tide detergent is $10 each, you buy 3 so that is $30, I had 3 $2/1 manufacturer coupons so that brings the total down to $24 minus the gift card makes your over all price just $14 for 3 Tide detergents. Is this an amazing extreme couponers deal? No.. BUT if you get Tide anyways this is a very easy deal that anyone can use even if you aren’t super coupon savvy.

Hosting a Yard Sale

yard sale

One way to earn a little money is to host a yard sale. You can look through your own things and also ask others if they want to join you or donate their things. Follow these steps and you will have a successful yard sale.

Saving Tips For Moms

The purpose of saving is always a great way to cushion financial ups and downs that may hit life now and then. As a stay at home mom it surely is up to you to have good saving practices in your day to day expenditures. Moms can save the most as they are in the better position of spending than any other person. Saving does not always have to equate to cutting regular budgets by far. It’s much easier to save by substituting various things that require spending, for example by comparing prices as you are sure to save from this.

Saving Money With Store Loyalty Programs

While shopping is about spending, it can also be a chance to put something back into the budget. For instance, if the budget for food items in particular shopping list is $200, $5 minimum can easily be cut out. Start off with small goals and build upon them. Shopping for moms is such an ideal chance for saving some money and putting it back into the general welfare of the family. This is just one of many ways that stay at home moms can help contribute to the family budget!

Find Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Sometimes we think that finding free stuff is dumpster diving. You don’t have to sneak around and dig through dumpsters. There are other less smelly resources available. There are websites, community resources, and other ways to find free stuff.

Saving Errors You Should Try To Avoid

Because saving is done by humans and humans are prone to error, it is typical that saving can be erratic in some ways. As a stay at home mom you are also prone to some of these errors. Saving errors may not be fatal but they are quite disheartening as some of the errors you may not know you are doing them. Most of the errors can be avoided if you know where they are going to come from.

Targeted Saving For Stay At Home Moms

Saving can just be an evasive practice because it requires a lot of sacrifices and discipline. It is even harder for a stay mom because the money on which you are saving from is not from your own earnings. That means the money is a bit restrictive. But you can always find a way to go about it as a stay at home mom. Perhaps the best way to keep this saving practice alive and the discipline is to have some sort of targeted saving. A targeted saving can be said as saving to accomplish a certain objective keeping in mind of all the challenges that may have an effect on that saving. For example, I want to save $300 so I can get that pretty new coach purse!