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Hello, I am Vanessa and I have been a consultant with Pink Papaya since February 20th, 2014. I am a Full Time mother of a 6 year old boy. I am also a Part Time Police Officer here in Illinois. In 2002 I became the first female officer with my department and when I had my son, I decided that he would be my full time focus. I resigned my full time position and was rehired as a part time Police officer. In 2013 my husband retired from his job and we were limbo. I started Direct Sales with a different company in August 2013 and found Pink Papaya on a Facebook Promoting Page. I was intrigued by the name and had to find out more. While researching and testing products I fell in love and signed up the same week I got my samples.

I have been so successful with Pink Papaya! I have such a passion for the pampering and the relaxed atmosphere that we have. I have sent samples galore out to several people and had parties booked left and right when I started, EVERYONE I knew wanted to know what it was. My launch party; I will admit was slow and I got one party booked, I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, since only 4 people showed up. With those 4 people I had $300 in sales, and I thought it would be more, but still not too shabby. The next party had 12 guests and almost $800 in sales and parties booked! One of the customers was an avid M.A.C. user and purchased $250 in cosmetics alone and said she was tossing her M.A.C. out. My business has been nothing but a success since. I reached every starter incentive in the first two months. I currently have three team members and truly adore each one of them.

I swear every time I talk about Pink Papaya I get so happy!!!! I have earned enough money back to cover my trip to conference next month and shopping money. I was lucky enough to also have met one of the co-founders (Susan Huneke) who came to Illinois to visit our little team. Crazy enough she knew each and every one of us. You really don’t see that in Direct Sales companies, and I LOVE it! Pink Papaya is constantly offering incentives to all the consultants, it’s hard not to participate (like Power Hours every Thursday). Everyone is so open to helping and sharing, and the best part about our company is that we truly believe in being relaxed and enjoying yourself. you are an Independent Consultant and this is your company, do what you want with it. We have no quotas and you don’t even have to have parties. Website- it’s FREE the first 3 months with two of the kits and after that you don’t need to even have it if you don’t want, it’s not mandatory. I love that everything else in my life is crazy and unpredictable and when the time comes, I look at my husband and say, “time to work, I have to got pamper myself!” FUN!

A little bit about us:

Pink Papaya is a direct selling company that offers spa and beauty products. The company was started in 2006 by two sisters in California. Their vision was to bring quality products that offered an immediate “ahhh” to a woman’s day, giving her a few moments to restore, replenish, and renew her spirit. Now Pink Papaya is being offered nationwide and is growing every day.

Pink Papaya has something for everyone. We offer skin care, bath and body, aromatherapy, makeup, hair care and products for men. What attracted me to Pink Papaya and their products is that they are:

• Botanically based

• High quality

• Made in the USA

• No animal testing

• Head-to-toe paraben free

Another reason that attracted me to Pink Papaya was their giving back philosophy. Pink Papaya is constantly providing opportunities to give back to their customers, consultants, woman and children in need. Not only are there monthly incentives and giving back opportunities offered, for every pinktini purchased, Pink Papaya donates a pinktini to a woman or child in need.

Looking for a boost in your income?

The Pink Papaya lifestyle allows you to earn extra spending money or a six figure salary. You pick the lifestyle that fits you. Get paid 35-42% commission on your personal sales. Pink Papaya also offers lots of incentives and free products to their consultants. There is a supportive team of consultants and home office staff that will provide you with everything you need to succeed. There are approximately 1600 consultants nationwide, including those both active and inactive. Pink Papaya offers several incentives, from getting started with a Achieve, Connect, Go, Grow program. Different levels in your first few months, to help you earn business supplies and products to help you GROW. Also incentives are offered every Monday and Thursday through phone calls and Facebook. PLUS, throughout the year they offer unexpected incentives. (Examples like Kentucky Derby Drawings, Ipads, and MORE)

I started with Pink Papaya in February and have had so much success. Not many consultants are in my area, making it easy for me to get into events and build a team. As I said before I already have 3 team members in just a few months. I love Pink Papaya for everything that it stands for. I truly have found my in Inner Balance and my Outer Beauty. I would love for you to try it for yourself you won’t be disappointed! We have 3 starter kits to chose from:

$49 (simply sexy on the gpo)

$49 pink papaya

$49 pink papaya kit

$99 (try it kit-includes first 3 months of website)

$99 pink papaya kit

$99 pink papaya kit

$199 (go for it kit-includes the first 3 months of website).

$199 pink papaya kit

$199 pink papaya kit


Of course you get the most bang for your buck with the the $199, but we know that is not always within budget. I can’t wait for you to try our products and enjoy the experience of being relaxed and getting paid for it! I am always available for questions, and looking forward to meeting you.

Have a relaxing day!

Vanessa Whitten

Vaness Whitten

Vaness Whitten

In addition to being a consultant for Pink Papaya, I am also a part-time police officer and a full time mother of my 6 year old son.
Vaness Whitten

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  1. Justin says:

    It’s always really great when you can have a really truly great product to back up your efforts in direct sales.

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