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We are all looking for ways to trim the budget. Planning meals and working around sales are easy ways to actually save some money. Food keeps you alive, cheap meals keep you solvent and good cheap foods keeps you happy. You don’t need expensive food to live, but it certainly makes the journey a lot more fun. You don’t need to eat ramen noodles or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every night to save money on your grocery bill. Here are some of the ways to save some money at the grocery store to save some cash:

  • Check What You Have Already
  • This may seem to be the most overlooked step, especially for the moms who love planning new meals and hitting the store. But first, you have to check what you have already. Oftentimes I’ll plan a meal, buy the items for that meal and then something comes up that prevents me from preparing that meal, and the ingredients end up languishing in the cupboards. If you’re anything like me you have a lot of this going on. Perhaps it’s time for a pantry challenge, where you simply eat what you have and shop less for a week or two.

  • Examine the Sales Ads
  • After planning several meals based on what you already have, you can then examine the sales flyers. If you must have meat in the majority of your meals then start off by looking for the meats that are on sale. The proteins often tend to be the more costly items on your shopping list. You can note down on a sheet of paper the types of meat and their prices that are on sale at each store near you. Buy enough while it’s on sale so that you never have to buy meat at its regular price. After your meats, its time to figure out what meals you can make with them and what sides would fit in as well. Again, if you look at what’s on sale, that should always be your starting point. This past week, a number of things were buy one get one free at our local grocery store. Instead of just getting one or two for the meals I would be preparing that week, I got about 10 and very little of anything that wasn’t on sale! In the following weeks, I’ll do the same; buying multiples of things that are on sale and little of things that aren’t on sale. After several weeks, I should easily have a nice size variety of meals, including both the main dish and the sides that was ALL purchased while on sale!

  • Coupons, Coupons, Coupons
  • Besides the sales ads, coupons hold a tremendous value if you’re willing to put a little bit of time into it. I’m not necessarily talking about extreme couponing, although that could really save you a lot of money, but just spending a little time each week matching up coupons to what is already on sale. Be sure to look through the coupons in the Sunday paper as well as the many online coupon sites that allow you to print out coupons at home! In addition to the traditional coupons is an app for your phone called Ibotta. Ibotta is essentially an app with paperless coupons. For example if there is a paperless coupon for Jack’s frozen pizza, it’ll tell you how much the coupon is for and then you purchase the item without presenting anything to the cashier. Then you take a picture of your receipt through the Ibotta app showing that you bought Jack’s frozen pizza and they send you the money! You can learn more about Ibotta by reading this article.

How much do you spend on your grocery bill each month? $400…$500…$600 or more? Through these simple methods you can easily save 25% or more. While it may not seem like much, if you spend only $400 per month on groceries, saving 25% would save you $1,200 per year. What would you do with an extra $1,200 or more?



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