Saving Money With Store Loyalty Programs

While shopping is about spending, it can also be a chance to put something back into the budget. For instance, if the budget for food items in particular shopping list is $200, $5 minimum can easily be cut out. Start off with small goals and build upon them. Shopping for moms is such an ideal chance for saving some money and putting it back into the general welfare of the family. This is just one of many ways that stay at home moms can help contribute to the family budget!

Convenient shopping has a lot of ways in which moms can save money while at it. One major way is shopping at outlets which have customer’s loyalty reward programs. Basically this is a program where your get points every time you shop at the particular store. Well the points can as well be counted as some sort of saving as they are redeemable at a future time. This means at sometime in future when you have accumulated enough, you can always redeem the points in return to products from the store worthy of your points.

In a cut-throat and highly competitive attempt to wooing customers, most retail outlets have embraced customer loyalty reward programs. Stay at moms can take an advantage of this and get the loyalty card that comes with it. Loyalty programs are everywhere, even in supermarkets where goods ranging from food items to furniture to clothing are stocked. That means you will have a variety of things in which you can redeem them for.

Analyzing a bit of what the customer loyalty program is, let’s assume a certain store has customer loyalty program and as a mom you have subscribed to it. Let’s assume for every $10 spent you get 30 points. When you redeem, lets assume that for every 10,000 points are equivalent to $100 of merchandise. If you spend $500 there per month, then after a year you’d have 18,000 points. After one year, you’d be able to redeem those points for $180 worth of merchandise from the store. While that may not seem like much, it’s $180 that you wouldn’t have had and money that you were going to spend anyways!



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