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Money-Saving Tips You’ll Absolutely Love


NOTE: This is a guest post

“Save money and money will save you,” the saying goes, but for many people, the practice of saving money is easier said than done, no matter how hard they try.

With all the bills, grocery items, and other expenses to pay for, most of the time the only savings to speak of is what we have left, which would then be spent on the other things we forgot: a promised donation to charity, a replacement for a broken coffee maker, or perhaps a child’s school project.

There must be a way to save more money, you think, and indeed there is. Here we have not just one, but four of the easiest ways for you to save money and in turn, save yourself.

Curbing Addictions to Save Money

Many of us have our guilty pleasures to deal with stress as a parent. Some of us may overeat or escape too often in entertainment. For me, I like my sugar, books, and TV shows. These cost me extra money, so it would be a good idea for me to practice moderation more often.

So how can you and I curb our addictions and save money in the process?

Be Honest and Identify the Addiction

Be honest as you work to identify any addiction. An addiction is a compulsion to have or do something that is sometimes harmful or done in excess. Almost anything can become an addiction. You can recognize an addiction if it negatively impacts your relationships, finances, or mental and physical health. Ask family and friends to help you identify any addictions.

Inexpensive Entertainment

Sales reps come by my house several times a year and offer “great” cable and satellite TV deals. We tell them we’ve found better options for TV entertainment and movies. However, we do have to practice patience that we often won’t see the latest episode. But the cost difference makes it worth it.

First, we have an antenna so we get broadcast television for free. We only had to pay for an antenna we can use for years. We avoid watching broadcast TV most of the time because of commercials.

Teaching Children about Money

teaching kids about money

As moms, we want to instill lifelong lessons about managing money into our children’s brains. Children gain self-confidence as they learn to manage their own money.

Set an Example

Children learn the most through osmosis. They observe and mimic adults from an early age. So how you spend or save money matters from the beginning. I want my children to follow my positive example, but not my negative example. If you need to improve, like me, you can begin now. We can show restraint and buy only what we can afford and set aside savings. Or work on getting out of debt.

Don’t Go over that Rock!

thinking cap

So, I do stupid things all the time and sometimes they can cost a lot of money. I feel so chagrined and I want to hide out for a few days. My husband is telling me that life happens. It does. I suppose I can only learn from my mistakes.

My kids and I were coming home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house early, so I decided we needed to do some more outdoor activities. My son had asked about climbing a hill several times when we’ve passed it going to and from my parents’ home.

Give it the ol’ 24 Hours

tv purchase

You walk into the store, and there it is! That new 55′ wide screen tv you’ve been wanting to upgrade to! And it’s on sale! You can so totally afford this. I mean, you may have to cut back on some things, but you HAVE to have this TV! Plus, if I act now I only have to pay $49 per month for the next 48 months!

In a single moment we can justify buying things whether it be a large expensive TV or a cute pair of shoes that we really don’t need. Whenever you find yourself at this crossroad you should always give it the ol’ 24 hours of thinking on it before making big purchases.

Getting into the Right Frame of Mind When it Comes to Debt


I almost had to reach out for my headache medicine after deciding to write about debt, a dreaded four letter word that rears its ugly head at us on a monthly basis everywhere we go.

Thankfully, credit card companies are still sticking to technological methods like mail, text, email, and credit scores. No need to fully freak out yet. They still haven’t made their way into nature, for instance (if you are debt collector kindly stop reading now). Since those on top haven’t figured out how to manipulate the clouds or legally be able to make embedded cut outs on our lawns you can go ahead and put your headache medicine back like I did as you continue reading.

School Loans: Invest in Education

college savings

My husband and I partially invested in our education with student loans. We only took out loans for necessary items. Because of this, we have doubled our earning potential. Here are some things we did or wished we would have done:

A Love Affair with Target!

How to Save Money at Target

I think I have become somewhat (ok a lot) obsessed with Target deals, coupons, and stacking all those things with manufacturers coupons. Target provides you with amazing deals (for exaple) to buy 3 Tide Detergents get a $10 gift card back. You can also use your coupons with this! So say the Tide detergent is $10 each, you buy 3 so that is $30, I had 3 $2/1 manufacturer coupons so that brings the total down to $24 minus the gift card makes your over all price just $14 for 3 Tide detergents. Is this an amazing extreme couponers deal? No.. BUT if you get Tide anyways this is a very easy deal that anyone can use even if you aren’t super coupon savvy.

Saving Tips For Moms

The purpose of saving is always a great way to cushion financial ups and downs that may hit life now and then. As a stay at home mom it surely is up to you to have good saving practices in your day to day expenditures. Moms can save the most as they are in the better position of spending than any other person. Saving does not always have to equate to cutting regular budgets by far. It’s much easier to save by substituting various things that require spending, for example by comparing prices as you are sure to save from this.