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Give it the ol’ 24 Hours

tv purchase

You walk into the store, and there it is! That new 55′ wide screen tv you’ve been wanting to upgrade to! And it’s on sale! You can so totally afford this. I mean, you may have to cut back on some things, but you HAVE to have this TV! Plus, if I act now I only have to pay $49 per month for the next 48 months!

In a single moment we can justify buying things whether it be a large expensive TV or a cute pair of shoes that we really don’t need. Whenever you find yourself at this crossroad you should always give it the ol’ 24 hours of thinking on it before making big purchases.

Hosting a Yard Sale

yard sale

One way to earn a little money is to host a yard sale. You can look through your own things and also ask others if they want to join you or donate their things. Follow these steps and you will have a successful yard sale.