Targeted Saving For Stay At Home Moms

Saving can just be an evasive practice because it requires a lot of sacrifices and discipline. It is even harder for a stay mom because the money on which you are saving from is not from your own earnings. That means the money is a bit restrictive. But you can always find a way to go about it as a stay at home mom. Perhaps the best way to keep this saving practice alive and the discipline is to have some sort of targeted saving. A targeted saving can be said as saving to accomplish a certain objective keeping in mind of all the challenges that may have an effect on that saving. For example, I want to save $300 so I can get that pretty new coach purse!

Before setting a saving target, the best thing is to make an assessment on the minimum and maximum amounts that you can realistically save. For example out of $100 maybe you can save a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10. From this knowledge your saving target will be logical and easier to bear. Being logical means you will not beat yourself in case you are unable to meet your target which you were saving for.

When you know how much you can easily save, you can easily set a target that is achievable. For example when you can save more out of your budget, you can have that saving dedicated to something special. When the saving is not too much out of a particular budget, you can have that saving dedicated to maybe paying simple utility bills.

Targeted saving can make overall saving to be fun. However it is important to know ho to set realistic targets. As a stay at home mom when you set this target, it is better to settle on a target that you are passionate about. Being passionate about something means that you are able to be your best in terms of sacrifice and discipline. Setting targets can be wide ranging.

For instance, some people may set targets that may complement their mortgages, insurance rates, emergency medical expenses. Others may be targeting to raise some capital to start up some enterprise or small business. You can set your target to buy some household stuff or just for maintaining your house as a structure and so much more. The best part of it as a stay at home mom is to think of saving as a complementary means rather than a competitive means towards something.



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  1. Justin says:

    This tactic makes sense, I sure know at the gym having a goal makes you push all that much harder! Can’t imagine it being much different for saving money.

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